Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hi! At least I updated(:
Are you satisfied, Mr Porcupine/Pokey? :D

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey everyone!! Hua Yi will be participating in National Pushcart Challenge 2010! :D The team of "The Drawer-Discovering your way of life" consist of Annabelle, Jianshu, Rebecca, Xinyi, Liying and I. Details are as follow:
Date: 20th - 21st November 2010
Venue: Cathay Orchard Cineleisure
Time: 10am - 10pm

As one of the judging criteria is online advertising, we have created a page specially for it. Do visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Singapore-Singapore/The-Drawer-Discovering-your-way-of-life/128357380550801 for details and constant updates of our products. Also, do click on the 'Like' button our page to support us. You are welcomed to help in spreading the link among your network community so as to enhance their awareness(:

Next, do visit this link to reply our RSVP invitation http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=172526329427064&index=1 We do hope to see you there on both 20th and 21st to support us (regardless of monetary or moral support) in this competition(:

Hence and otherwise, do take note that there will be a Sales Pitch Competition on the 20th, and results are 100 % based on audience voting, from 2pm to 6pm. You are strongly encouraged to come down to the venue at this timing (:

In regards to the products, we'll be selling things mainly based on the theme of stationaries. Items such as Plush Rabbit pencil case, Ice-cream pens, Mini Portable Apple speakers, Jokememo, mini fan, Smiley USB hubs and Mini Fridge Stationary Storage + Coinbank could be found on our pushcart stall, all items are sold at attractive and affordable prices. Plush Rabbit pencil cases

Mini fan
Mini Fridge Stationary Storage + Coinbank (only Red Cola and I Love New York are available)

Smiley USB hubs
Ice-cream pens Mini Portable Apple Speakers
Jokememo cover 1-Laughter is the best vacation

Jokememo cover 2-Laughter 100% Jokebook
Jokememo cover 3-Live. Love. Laugh

That's all for now(; If you do have any queries or if you're interested in the products do leave a tag on my tagboard, if not leave a wall post on our facebook page; we promise that we'll get back to you asap! :D Thanks~

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Hi~ It's been another month huh? :X Life is still horrible + terrible and irrcoregible to me, cause it is kind of busy and buzzing for me. How I wish that I have a free day all reserved to myself >.<
Anyway, Zhining and I managed to drag Shirley out of her house! Whoots~ What an improvement((: Went to bugis for a shopping spree then off to dessert buffet :D It is cool when all kinds of cakes and crepes are being placed in front of you(: I miss Green tea cheesecake!! Maybe that is one of the contributing factor as to why am I putting on weight ><><
LOLs, I don't even know what am I crapping here about. Just crapping here and there without any link ><
Life is still going on buzzing for me...
Next week is all reserved for sciences and maths
18th Nov is Prom Night
20th and 21st Nov is National Pushcart Challenge
27th Nov is Open House~~~~
Damn life to hell :X

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Every day is a STICKY day(:

Wow~ How great would that be :DDDD
Anyway, I'm back to my earnest, rusty, dusty, dirty trusty old blog, after almost a month? :X EOY has just ended yesterday, and now it is exactly the period whereby I should sleep at 2am and wake up at 3pm(: At least the old saying of mine goes: 就算明天是我的死期,那也得玩得尽兴了再考虑. This phrase in direct translation to me is that every day is going to be a brand new day for me to shop, read, slack and play((((: Anyway 2012 is nearing and we will never know when Mother Earth is going *ka-boomz* :X
Maths is a slow and painless killer. (I forget all the basic formulas :X)
AMaths is a fast and swift killer. (It left me stunned right at the first page :XX)
Biology is a whizzing killer. (The questions whizzed into my brain, leaving a hole there. Andandand, I don't have enough phagocytes to engulf it :O)
Chemistry is a painkiller. (Not those like panadol. Cause my mind went boomz :XXX)

Ohya! Before I forget again....
Can see right? The font of your name is damn big that even a geek can see it(:
Anyway, back to topic. The girl above had officially inherited my skill :D
Cause she bang straight into a wall!!! (: Now, it won't be only me who bang into things.
Sonia, you should bang into it more often! The wall misses you dearly xD

妻子的诱惑 is so addictive O-O!!! I'm going on for a drama marathon later(: (See the time xD)

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

September vacation isn't a vacation at all!!
LOLs, I'm back again after half a month's time. Vacation isn't fun at all~ (Although that might be the truth for everyone :P) Life is as packed as usual, but luckily it is not as packed as the human traffic in Orchard (otherwise I would have turned into sardines *blob* <---isn't that the sound made by a sotong...? :D)

I am posting today due to a request made by SONIA NG WEI LING!! (PS: Sonia, you better be honoured :D Muhahahaha!) Hmmm, let's see if any "interesting" events ever happen if my recent life.... Just another some random truths~

LOLs, I think I had just announced my medical (falling and tripping) history :X Hmm, such a nice record yea..? xD Hey Sonia, these are my "__________" records (fill in the blank yourself) (: That's all for the MONTH~ :P

F-elicia~! ♥9:27:00 PM.
Monday, August 23, 2010

Hmmm, here am I back to my rusty blog~ LOL, at least I am not abandoning it xD
Here are some random stuff of the week :D

LOLs, that's just 8 (if my eyes and maths works correctly) random facts + truths + idiotic messages above there~
Andandand I miss shopping and my books ):

F-elicia~! ♥10:41:00 PM.
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy birthday, Jianshu!! :D

My life is getting haywired x.x

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Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm back to my ultra-dusty rusty blog again *sneeze* LOL, I'm in need of a feather duster to clean it up~
Happy birthday, Annabelle (L)! Congrats, you have grown older and cannot revert back to a little girl once more xD (even though you can still act or be one :P) Anyways, I have a super-duper fun time on Friday during the super last minute BBQ session :D (Note: I'm in love with the word super, for god knows why ._.) And of course the funniest part is to throw Annabelle inside the pool :X

School is boring (as in last week when the others were away from camp ~.~)
Annabelle has officially became a "ponster" for skipping school for four days. LOL, and nothing happened to her! o.O


Matcha ice-cream rocks in my world! :D
I've been eating it for like the past three days~

That's all for the this month :X

F-elicia~! ♥9:57:00 PM.
Saturday, July 3, 2010

Whoots~ Youth Day 2010 has came to an end!! But sadly, I am going to say NO to balloons for at least a month .___. My fingers were hurt after the pinching and twisting for almost 4 hours (LOL, but compared to Annabelle, mine seems to be 小儿科)

It's been another half a month since I last updated and this blog has accumulated quite a high pile of dust~ Nothing much happened, since I spent most of my time in school and sleeping x.x I am so looking forward to the movie trip with Annabelle and Wilson on Monday! :D The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, here I come! LOL, I am kind of nuts now if you would look at the time I updated~ I will definitely not be surprised if I suffer from sleeping disorder. Does anyone have books to recommend? I am most evidently bored to death other than clearing up the mountain on my study desk every night >.<

F-elicia~! ♥2:54:00 AM.
Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm back again after the time lag of almost a month. Ya, don't blame me because time works so much slower in my tiny world(: LOL! Which makes me wonder which planet I'm from currently. Hmmm, let's just say I'm stuck in lalaland! A world which dreams could never be true but it never stops you from fantasizing it :D It will be great if this come true in the future and who will ever predict it with technology so advanced nowadays. Hah, why am I even crapping about my idiotic lifestyle o.o Yupp, and not to mention I'm still as blur as a sotong *blobblob*

Andandand not to mention, I'm back from Cambodia (LOL, and I'm only updating this blog when my complexion transformed back from tanned to pale old me) I admit that it is fun with all of us counting from 100 bottles back to 1 and singing "If you are happy and you know it" with all of our names in replacement of those action phrases~ I will miss that crazy and overly hyper gang of 20 (which includes me xD)!

I'm lazy to upload the pictures since I have at least *counting with fingers* *not enough! plus toes as well~* Gah, it is more than the number of my fingers and toes~ Hmmm, figure it out yourself then but it should be around 300 random pictures(: I spent a total amount of 173 USD..? (provided if I did my calculations correctly o.o) Certainly, I enjoyed SPAMMING WRIST BANDS in Russian market!!! :D (but don't remind me of the pig head and dead chicken ~m~) Andandand, I'm totally going to say 'NO' to Roti Prata for at least a month after that wonderful meal in 'Curry walla~' But strawberry gelato ice-cream totally rocks in the tiny world of mine (:

Did I mention that I am going to sit for another re-exam? I think I didn't~ Ya, and the biggest problem of mine is that I'm not even studying!!!

I did read books *strongly opposing it*!

But it is storybooks instead of textbook -.- *slides down and lean against the wall after the verdict is released*
And my brain is going haywire again with me not being able to control my tear ducts, it certainly scares the hell out of me~ (Nah, it should be parents not me O.o) I had enough of it, and it does prove that I'm kind of suffering from depression~ Hmmm~
Running and escaping from reality doesn't solve the problem neither (I'm the one crapping about this here while doing it in the reality ~.~)
If only everyone can live in a butterfly dimension~

Since I read so many novels in this holiday~ I decided to recommend some(:
PS: Chinese haters can skip this part :P cause I'm on a Chinese spree~

Ya, so see much how time (and $$$) I've wasted o.o But reading is a good hobby and leisure as mentioned (:

Ohya! The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be in cinemas two weeks later~
Whoots~! Anyone up for it (provided if I score well for my re-exam; if not I will be kissing my life gooder-bye forever T.T)
I still feel like going to Bugis Street and etc. for clothes shopping spree with Zhining :X LOL!
Hmmm, I think I hear my storybooks and textbooks quarrelling~
So tada~Byebye, I'll be away for another long MIA ):

F-elicia~! ♥6:32:00 PM.
Sunday, May 30, 2010

When you changed from being loved to loveless; that is when your world turns black and white.
I'm back to my dead blog once again from the long M.I.A.~ And the world's revolution has changed entirely while my presence is missing. I am glad to announce that L.A.S.E.R. Primary School Leadership Training' 10 has officially came to an end when the clock strikes two on 27th May. Thank you, councillors, CEOs and student helpers for participating with your utmost enthusiasm(:
Tears kept on filling up to the brim of my eyes;
I can't stand it anymore,
What is going on with me?
I'm afraid....
That the world will leave me alone, just like what you did

F-elicia~! ♥12:49:00 AM.
Saturday, May 22, 2010

This image is 'LOL' or you can fill in the blanks yourself(: I'm not saying no to exams because of this reason, but another one which my confused brain harshly refused to tell me; and when I forced it, it became haywire just like my modem...

Ya, MYE is over and my life is over as well.... With five out of seven subjects all flunked with a terrible F, E or D. It's terrible and I know it also, due to the flooding comments that went through my ears daily from left to right.... It is highly possible that I am to retain in secondary 3 or drop down to secondary 4NA next year, and this particular thought never did go through my mind once. Everything seems to be so wrong right now.... My eyes were red and swollen, but somehow worse than Annabelle since mine is so much smaller compared to hers.

When everything is gone and you will find out that reading is actually the most fascinating hobby ever, as you will have nothing but books piled up waiting for you to finish it. Andandand lastly, it takes skills to trip over flat surfaces; but it also takes skills to sleep with your eyes open and clash against the wall next minute!

F-elicia~! ♥10:24:00 PM.
Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've no idea why I'm here updating this dead~ blog, but I was "forced" by a certain girl named Annabelle Woo Xue Qi :X
PS: Just kidding~
Ya, this is just another random post. Since I said I've nothing to update and that certain girl replied that I can just be random and crap in here~ So, tada! Here am I being random once more xD
As usual, I'm so going to flunk ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS! Out of the 14 questions, I only know how to do 5. How "great" is that? Biology is worse, with almost all of my answers shaded in a perfect alphabetical order of ABCD -.-
Currently, all the moles and atoms are messing up with my brain x.x (In addition with all the equations and graphs) Who in the heaven invented Maths and Sciences?!
Hence, life will be even "greater" after the next coming Thursday. Yay, the major papers are coming to an end the day after((((: The moral of the story is: "Enjoy your life while you still can" (:

Ohhh ya, before I forget...
It does take skills to trip over flat surfaces xD Especially for someone like me, who is able to kiss the ground at any time or any moment >.<
PS: This picture is kindly made known to me through Miss ANNABELLE WOO XUE QI~ (better to give her the credit before it says that it is copyrighted :X)

F-elicia~! ♥10:07:00 AM.
Saturday, May 8, 2010

LOL, I am just being random here since my blog has been isolated and now dead~ x.x
In the recent days, nothing enters my mind except for the desire to sleep, in which is a reallyyyy bad thing to think of :XExams is just in another few days away (which I can count it with a single hand), and here am I being totally obssessed with my laptop over again (or rather than saying that it is glued to me~ and I cannot live without it). I am totally going to keep my eyes closed during 20th May, not wanting to see my rotting results. One more thing, I found out that I am suffering from clinical depression through a test which I have taken recently. But it is 100% not accurate since I am proven to be too hyperactive :D (other than me sleeping during the day). Mathematics and Pure Sciences are totally *boomzxc* -.- I am entirely a girl who is a total idiot when it comes to these three subjects.
Andandand, Annabelle is proven to be obssessed with my silver marker :D
This is the end of my post (and I did mention in the beginning that I am just being random~)

F-elicia~! ♥1:28:00 AM.
Friday, April 30, 2010

My heart aches....
Tears just keep flowing....
The sky is raining....
As if crying for someone who is lost;
and trapped within her heart and soul....

F-elicia~! ♥11:00:00 PM.
Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another miracle happened! And that is me playing volleyball during PE~LOLs, but I ended up having bruises on my arms and a swollen wristbone. Also, who knows that it is my first time not completing my Chinese paper in time >.< I am so going to get a B or even lesser, which is reallyyyy bad ):

F-elicia~! ♥12:18:00 AM.
Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hell yes~ I threw the basketball into the hoop after two hours of shooting >.< (In response to Annabelle's post) This does prove one theory: "Miracles do happen~"

F-elicia~! ♥12:16:00 AM.
Friday, April 9, 2010

Yupp, another week passed. I am so going to flunk my Chemistry, Biology and Additional Mathematics common test x.x It's just a second away whereby my mind go BOOMZXC, then *poof* every formula were gone. I am so dead now x.x SK-II is not even going to help my heavy eye-bags at all, with me sleeping at 4am every night.

F-elicia~! ♥7:37:00 PM.
Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy 52nd birthday to my dearest daddy! (:

Once again, lots of things happened within the week, and one of it was my blog being dead. Nevermind, I am here for a update again, although it is probably not considered a proper one. Yay, I will be off to Cambodia for a CIP learning trip at end of May, provided if I pass my mid-year papers. Last week, the seniors of Entrepreneur Club had officially step down. Throughout these two years, we had bonded our friendship through activities and competitions etc, please do not forget those moments and memories we had together. We may have happiness and past arguements, but let bygones be bygones as we head towards to a new future. I really do hope that you all will do well in either your 'N' or 'O' levels. All the best, and hope that I will be seeing you during Prom Night 2010(: Also, congratulations to Annabelle Woo Xue Qi for being elected as the President of Entrepreneur Club 2010. Jiayous, you can do it girl!

F-elicia~! ♥8:07:00 PM.
Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey everyone! I'm back from SC Leadership Camp (: Firstly, welcome Annabelle and Ashlea to the Student Council! Annabelle said that she was traumatized by Mr Lee for announcing it in such a sudden :X Anyway, I have a fun time in the camp (except for those time whereby we were listening to lectures) Luckily, that the campsite isn't a 'uluulu' place like what we thought of, it is slightly better but NACLI is still the best :D Have such a wonderful time bonding with the seniors in the middle of the night in the dormitory, and I will really miss it.

F-elicia~! ♥10:28:00 PM.
Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy 15th birthday, Taoguang!!

F-elicia~! ♥6:22:00 PM.
Saturday, March 13, 2010

March vacations has finally arrived! However, I stil think that it is meaningless with a pile of homework and projects stacking up on my table >.< Basically, lots of things happened within the week. I am off for camp from 16th to 18th March! Sadly, it is not in NACLI though, I missed all the facilities and stuff. Nevertheless, I am looking forward spending time with the entire student council! Let's hope that we will have fun(:

F-elicia~! ♥9:16:00 PM.
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

..................I am entirely speechless..........................
Maybe I'm the only ignorant one. I'm really stressed up! I cannot catch up with the Earth's revolution, leaving me only behind with the others all in front of me. I do think that I owe someone an apology.... I feel bad about this... Things are about to be unrevealed.

F-elicia~! ♥10:24:00 PM.
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Firstly, it's the assessment. Secondly, it's the result.
As I logged into my account in eClassroom, the first thing that came into my mind is a sheet of blank. As the reflection of the red marks entered my eye, the first thing that I wanted to do is to faint. Do you believe that I got a freaking '0' for maths?! D7 is my last tolerence, but a F9? How am I going to pass my O level if I did not improve? I am so dead by the early March...
Mathematics is going to be the death of me. It will be my executor, the one which will sent me to hell in just a blink of an eye.

F-elicia~! ♥10:21:00 PM.
Sunday, February 21, 2010

My homework are all stacked into piles, readyto assault me at any moment >.< OMG!

F-elicia~! ♥7:35:00 PM.
Saturday, February 13, 2010

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR & VALENTINES' to everyone! The long week has came to an end, or rather a chocolate-y week has came to an end.

-Mathematics is as horrendous as per normal, I flunked all my tests throughout this week -.- I really wonder how am I going to survive for another one and a half years in Hua Yi with all my failing grades. The entire 3E5 stayed back after the CNY celebration for five hours just for supplementary. Thanks to Mr Ong Kah Ming for the McDelivery, extra guidance and not to forget those frightening fifty-five sums which will haunt me throughout the year.

-9 February is the worst day in the entire 2010 with all those following reasons stated below:
I had the worst result for my test.
I failed my NAPFA 2.4 running
I landed myself in the clinic for two hours
I got a pile of homework waiting for me to complete

This is really the worst birthday ever for the past fourteen years! I did not expect much but certainly not this pile of **** on that day >.<

-Entrepreneur sales has ended and it could be considered a success(: Special thanks to Annabelle for putting the most effort in this project! (*applause*) and also not forgetting Jianshu (*another round of appalause*) The memory of three of us walking down the wrong way for almost one to two hours down Upper Serangoon Road in search for a store named Adam and Eve will be kept in my mind bank forever. It might be tiring, but it is also an eventful day for us.
PS: Cute teddies are meant to be cuddled

-Let's Gift! The project by the 6th HYSC has also ended but just a day later than the Entrepreneur sales. I had a great time during the process of chocolate making with the councillors. I think all of us will never forget how we looked like with all our uniforms and faces stained with either melted chocolate or cocoa powder. Also not to mention the chocolate spa we had for FOC while shaping the chocolates for Choco de Amor(: Those days of us spending our time together are really the best of this entire week.
PS: I guessed that I will stop drinking Milo Dinosaur for at least a month.

-I had officially ended my shopping haunt for clothes! Before someone kills me for not crediting him, see the picture on top? No, I mean the cake in the picture posted above. All credits goes to... CHAN JIAN SHU HAYDEN for designing this one and only special and unique cake for my belated birthday. I spent a total of $92.00 on shopping last night (could be considered as a miracle xD) Kudos to CHAN JIAN SHU HAYDEN, THEON and XINYI for accompanying me for a hectic shopping trip. I enjoyed my time with you guys and is looking forward to another one, not including shopping but perhaps for a movie or for pure relaxation or leisure.
PS: Theon's phone and mine do not get along very well >.>

That's the end of my week~! Tomorrow will be a better one.

F-elicia~! ♥2:13:00 PM.
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am officially fifthteen when the clock striked twelve in just half an hour ago! I wondered if it is a blessing or a curse to have my birthday befall on the 9th February, whereby there are mathematics tests, NAPFA test and lots of major projects revolving around this particular day o.o Special thanks to Xinyi for giving me the first birthday message and Liwen for my present(:

F-elicia~! ♥12:29:00 AM.
Friday, February 5, 2010

Another week passed? I cannot believe that I served my first detention today due to late-coming :O It entirely destroyed my clean record of three years. The next upcoming week will be filled with projects and meetings, I wondered when will I have some leisure time to relax. My 15th birthday is coming in just another 3 days. I can predict that 9th February 2010 will be my worst birthday ever in my life history of 14 years. Mathematics is terrible as usual, with my pathetic score of F9 T.T

F-elicia~! ♥10:22:00 PM.
Sunday, January 31, 2010

My brain is officially pronounced dead...! Sitting in the living room with my Biology book on my lap, my brain could not reflect anything that was taught but only a boundless pure white space. In another words, my homework is not even completed!!! OMG, since when did I become so lazy?!

F-elicia~! ♥10:04:00 PM.
Friday, January 29, 2010

Another week had passed. This week, I am totally piled up with homework and CCA meetings. The condition of my eye-bags did not seem to be improving, instead it turned out to be worse. Valentine's Day Sales is coming right up at 11th February, be sure to give us your support! That's all for today, got to go before my eyes are closed >.<

F-elicia~! ♥10:55:00 PM.
Friday, January 22, 2010

It has came to an end at last. In a blink of an eye, it is now nearing the weekends once more. Time just flew passed me, when I did not even have a chance to grab a hold of it. Let's reflect, what had I done this week? Schooling, eating, studying, reading, revising, surfing the net, sleeping... Such common tasks are enough to make me feel that 24 hours is not enough! My eye-bags are clearly hanging beneath my eyes, due to my sleeping hours, which is like 2 to 3 hours per day?! I do feel tired during lessons and I am currently looking for a partner who is willing to share a box of toothpicks with me. With all the tests coming on and by, I wonder how long can I survive? My parents even volunteered to purchase black hair dye for me with all my white hair growing out of my scalp. Next week is going to be a more challenging one with meetings, homeworks and tests due soon. Seriously, I wonder...

F-elicia~! ♥6:32:00 PM.


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